Baukunstarchiv Dortmund 2022

Rauminstallation im Baukunstarchiv NRW von Elisabeth Brockmann

Impressions of DRAMA, RAUM UND LICHT, installed in the atrium of Baukunstarchiv Dortmund in March / April 2022. The sight-specific installation employed 693 colored film filters and 21 mirrors. The film filters were imposed on the 150 square meters of the glass ceiling to create a giant glowing mosaic that resembled church windows as well as the pixels of computer screens. 21 aluminium frames lined with mirror foil were inserted in the inside windows of the atrium to give the illusion of an infinite space reflecting the bright glass ceiling. By moving through the hall, visitors created their own movie, consisting of constantly changing perspectives and views.

The installation is the by now highest point of a work that has been developped over the last 40 years and is documented in the catalog DRAMA, RAUM UND LICHT.

„Elisabeth Brockmann, DRAMA, RAUM UND LICHT“, 230 pages with 168 color illustrations and texts by Lothar Schirmer, Martin Seidel, Christos Stremmenos, Stephan Trescher, Margarethe von Trotta, Bernhard Waldenfels and Bernhard Wittenbrink, Kettler Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86206-981-1. Order from Amazon